Swan Songs

Ewan Jansen
Swan Songs

Label: Red Ember
Code: REREO3
Style: Deep, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Australia
Out of Stock
Price: € 11,90
Sea For Yourself
Love Machine
Western Australia's Red Ember Records is back from another archive diving adventure.
"Embers Only : Swan Songs" presents four previously-unreleased, deeply emotive cuts by Ewan Jansen written between 1999-2000.
The lead track 'Swan' marks the dance-floor tone in the collection with a hypnotic pseudo-electro groove sky lined by cathedral-like chords. Following on, 'Sea for yourself' reaches into deep minimal house territory with a powerfully gentle, piano topped, 4/4 approach. On the flipside, the earnest and leafy 'Love Machine' is drawn down the proverbial path, dropping broken beats and inhibitions along the way. The collection is signed off with the ambient chordal wash of 'Afterlude'... an introspective repeater equally on call for any early morning after party or your final few waking moments.
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