A Genuine World EP

The Winelambs
A Genuine World Ep

Code: TKR 015
Style: Deep, House, Chicago
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Price: € 10,90
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Falling In Your Arms
A Genuine World ( Grant Focus Remix )
A Genuine World
Poti Poti
New reference in Troubled Kids. A magnificent Ep in charge of a new mysterious formation called The WineLambs. The elegance and sensuality voice of Shareen makes transport yourself to warm places in ""Falling in your arms"". ""A Genuine World"" has that slow tempo, mixed with pads and that fine piano touch.""Poti Poti"" brings out that more danceable side, bass and beats for kill dancefloor.
And finally, an incredible remix by as amazing as mysterious artist, Grant (Mork / Lobster Theremin) to give the final shot to this great EP. Get your copy now, your suitcase will thank you."
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