Lose My Rhythm

Desert Sound Colony
Lose My Rhythm

Code: SC&P 005
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
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Price: € 12,90
Lose My Rhythm
The Blacksmith
Lose My Rhythm ( Scott Fraser Remix )
For their 5th release the London label born of the clubnight of the same name make a b-line straight for the dancefloor. The title track of Desert Sound Colony's latest EP is equal parts anthemic vocals, stabbing guitar lines and a motorik backbone which combining for a hefty slice of post-punk inspired dancefloor churn. Two B-sides take the themes found in Lose My Rhythm and head down the rabbit hole to drown you with a flurry of breaks led rhythms on Suffocation and put you to rest with the pitch black basslines of The Blacksmith. On the remix front local hero Scott Fraser delivers an acid drenched expansion of the title track.
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