Yen Ara: Remixes Part 1

Ebo Taylor
Yen Ara: Remixes Part 1

Label: Mr Bongo
Code: MRB12050
Style: Afrobeat, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Out of Stock
Price: € 13,90
Krumandey ( Ron Trent Remix )
Mumudey Mumudey ( Natureboy Flako Remix )
Mumudey Mumudey ( Nick The Record Remix )
Mr Bongo presents the first 12" in a series of remix packages curated from Ebo Taylor's brand new album 'Yen Ara'.
The 81-year-old composer, arranger, guitarist and vocalist has been a key figure in the evolving afro-funk sound since the Seventies, working with the likes of Apagya Show Band, CK Mann and Pat Thomas. This 12" combines three of the best remixers in the business - the legendary Ron Trent, west coast talent Flako, and disco connoisseur Nick The Record.
You will hear the high-energy afrobeat, sweet highlife, jazz and konkoma influences that Ebo is famous for, and the remixes have contributed their disco pulse, house groove, and hard-hitting percussive edge to the tracks.
Remixed by: Ron Trent
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