Terra Modis EP

Terra Modis Ep

Code: 129DSR
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
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Price: € 10,90
Conforce is back on his home label with four more of his richly detailed and hugely atmospheric techno tracks. It's his first release on Delsin since latest album Autonomous back in 2017 and finds him in typical underwater techno territory. 'Celestion' kicks things off with smeared pads and rubbery, dubby drums instantly setting a hypnotic groove. The serene ambience makes it feel like you're deep down in the ocean and various deft sonic details drift by the keep things on the move. 'Vessel' is another fathom deep track with supple drums undulating on the sea bed as beams of synth light things up from above. There's melancholy in the pads that brings a rueful vibe, while 'Zephyr' is more troubled and turbulent thanks to the wet, gurgling synths and darker bass sounds. 'Aerial' rounds things out with heavyweight, rumbling kicks and ominous energy that keeps you on edge, despite the presence of beautifully celestial keys. As ever, it all makes for an absorbing trip.
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