Africano / Why Can't We Live Together

Timmy Thomas
Africano / Why Can't We Live Together

Code: GET 12002
Style: Disco, Funk, Soul
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Usa
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Price: € 18,90
Why Cant We Live Together
Timmy Thomas: Without a doubt, hes most famously known for the hit song "Why Cant We Live Together" a response to the devastating news coming from the war in Vietnam, its words No more wars, we want peace in this world, and no matter what color, youre still my brother. "Africano" curiously, years after its release, its biggest supporters were Italian DJs like Danielle Baldelli, Mozart and Gianni Maselli who during the 80s played Disco, African records, American R&B, and reggae to create what has been since become known as the Afro-Cosmic scene at the height of Club culture in the discothe?ques of Northern Italy.
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