Methods In Madness Ep

Methods In Madness Ep

Code: MFF12007
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
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Look Behind You ( Home & Garden Dub )
Methods In Madness
Instrument ( Soul Capsule On It )
Instrument ( Soul Capsule Off It )
From the classic vinyl vaults of Music For Freaks, Methods in Madness, was originally released in 2000 and featured a minimal funk house remix courtesy of Chicago based deep house guru, Tim Shumaker and Brooklyn-based musician, Tim Kvasnosky as Home & Garden. The flipside came with 2 mixes from Soul Capsule aka Thomas Melchior and Peter Baby Ford, who delivered a minimal house tour de force of stripped back, energetic beats, bubbling bass and atmospheric vocal samples to round off the package.
Remixed by: Soul Capsule
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