Favicon RSD 2018

Jacques Renault
Favicon Rsd 2018

Release Date:
Style: Disco, Re Edits
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Out of Stock
Price: € 12,90
Norman's Fire
Can't Nobody Love Me
Time Machine
Look At You
Pianos On The Beach
Almost ten years ago, back in November of 2009, before Let's Play House was even a humble basement-bar and hotel-lobby party, Jacques Renault quietly released a four-track EP on Hole in the Sky, an imprint run by Canyons' Leo Thomson and Ryan Grieve, called Favicon , that was both a snapshot of New York City's glitter-dusted disco-revival haze and the culmination of the first few years of Renault's career through the club circuit. It quickly became a cult classic and set in motion much of what followed for Renault; it added some fuel to the fire that was Runaway, his project with Marcos Ca
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