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Satari / Nicky Love
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Code: LCT 001
Style: Boogie, Soul
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
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Price: € 15,90
Satari - Smile
Nicky Love, Satari - Nobody To Love
Synth heavy South African Disco Boogie from the Mid 80s.
First release of label La Casa Tropical. two South African nuggets. Especially Smile is a sought after tune by Satari. The flip might even be better. Tip! Synth heavy South African Disco Boogie from the Mid 80s. First issued near the end of the synth-pop era that gave boom to the local record industry. this release takes the B-sides off the mysterious groups first 2 singles recorded at Johannesburgs legendary Satbel and Ovation Studio. Combining live instruments and an embrace of the electronic gear that was already standard in all studios city wide. the newly formed supergroup was able to create a unique sound at a time the word Disco was starting to be associated with a different emerging movement.
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