Dj Andy Smith Presents: Reach Up Disco Wonderland

Various Artists
Dj Andy Smith Presents: Reach Up Disco Wonderland

Label: Bbe
Code: BBE 386CLP
Style: Disco, Boogie
Media: Vinyl
Format: Lpx3 Uk
Price: € 26,90
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Don Laka – I Wanna Be Myself
Freedom – Get Up & Dance
Advance – Take Me To The Top
Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair ( Reach Up Re-edit )
Sure Thing – Holding You Tight ( Extended Dj Mix )
Joanne Wilson – Got To Have You ( Whiskey Barons Re-edit )
Neddy Smith – Give It Up
T-connection – Groove To Get Down
Jimmy Young – Times Are Tight
World Premiere – Share The Night
Jimmy Bo Horne – Is It In
Tamiko Jones – Let It Flow
Cloud 1 – Patty Duke
Shot – Main Thing
Disco Dub Band – For The Love Of Money
Best known to most people for his early work as a Portishead collaborator and International tour DJ, Andy Smith earned his 'Legendary' title among crate diggers in 1998 when he released seminal mix album 'The Document'.The concept for 'Reach Up - Disco Wonderland' was born from 'Reach Up', a DJ collective founded by Andy in 2012 to reflect the spirit of legendary NYC clubs such as Paradise Garage and Studio 54. 'Reach Up' showcases 80s boogie, disco and proto house, the foundations upon which dance music culture was built.As you might expect, Andy Smith's selections for the album are not only delightfully obscure but highly memorable. Many titles will spark recognition, having been sampled for more contemporary hip hop and R&B tracks. Disco & Boogie this compilation may be, but it's been put together with a b-boy mentality. As Andy himself puts it At my 'Reach Up' and 'Boombox' nights a fair few of these will have been played, but interestingly some of these tracks might well get played at more 'hip hop orientated' nights i do too because of the disco breaks: tracks like T Connection' & Freedom. Containing a raft of undeniable dance-floor fillers and slept-on anthems, 'Reach Up - Disco Wonderland' also at times displays that indefinable, other-worldy, almost eerie sonic fingerprint that's been present in Andy's productions and DJ sets since day one. Above all, this album is testament to a youthful obsession with home taping. As Andy puts it: "just being able to officially put these tracks out that i used to play on my ghetto blaster in the streets is an amazing thing!"
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