A Sense Of Order

Anthony Linell
A Sense Of Order

Code: NE50
Style: Electronica
Media: Vinyl
Format: Lp Eur
Out of Stock
Price: € 15,90
Winds Of Naelden
The Fire Within
Leaves Of Glass
Breeders Trophy
A Sense Of Order
All Shall Burn ( End )
Having tamed last year's havoc and disparity into the damaged rapture of 'Layers of Reality,' Anthony Linell is opening a new calendar with the sheared isolation of his latest album, 'A Sense of Order.' Linell has put his toolkit for summoning euphoria aside here, instead sculpting a glowing, diaphanous fog that swells into pensive melodies and arpeggiated whispers. Graceful for the way in which it makes the bleak hospitable, the charm of coldness invites us toward the empty and the beautiful, and away from the miserable.
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