St. Bones

St. Bones

Code: HHMM 0200
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
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Price: € 10,90
St Bones
Devil's Logic
St Bones ( Ryota Opp Remix )
St Bones ( Inga Mauer Remix )
Never underestimate a quiet guy. Soft spoken and well-mannered Alexander Pletnev moved 3 years ago from the Russian city of St. Petersburg to the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. That has been more than enough time for him to make the city his own. A co-founder of a hip barber's shop that also hosts an improvised Vinyl second hand corner, not to mention a cozy little bar where he can be found serving a quirky selection of beers, Alex soon embraced influences filtered through the local nightlife institution 'Opium Club'. His production powerhouse Pletnev explores darker territories and far-out music lands untouched by his bright and melodic creative alter ego - Ponty Mython. The St. Bones EP follows his well received and strongly selling offerings on Meda Fury and Bahnsteig23. The EP's two tracks, of contrasting mood and tempo, are accompanied by two top drawer remixes from the Japanese tailor of sound and taste RYOTA OPP and on-the-rise fellow St. Petersburg producer and selector, Inga Mauer.
Remixed by: Ryota Opp, Inga Mauer
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