( I've Seen ) Love From Tokyo

Fuckthegovernment Ltd
( I've Seen ) Love From Tokyo

Code: FTG 005
Style: House, Chicago
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Out of Stock
Price: € 13,90
Love From Tokyo ( Boo Williams Underworld Mix )
Love From Tokyo ( Dj Tools )
Fuckthegovernment.Ltd is a label and is artist duo ran by F.T.G (Alfredo Trastulli) and Music Box head honcho, Marco Riff, two Italians with a deep love of analogue-inspired house music and chicago sound. The label's latest once more arrives at us from the label owners, who combine witH aplomb on the quite expertly named '(I've Seen) Love From Tokyo. For the first time ever, Fuckthegovernment call on a remixer to give the package an extra sheen. In a move that's befitting of the standing for which the label is held, the guys have only gone and nabbed Chi-town legend Boo Williams for remix duties.
Remixed by: Boo Williams
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